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We’re Straub Marketing. And for close to half a century, we’ve quietly and consistently given clients all of our heart and hustle. Whether they’re in need of corporate merchandise or promotional items for a marketing project or a complete brand strategy overhaul, our clients know they can count on us for thoughtful solutions. Unparalleled service. An unwavering commitment to quality. And more than a little bit of (appropriate) humor.

We offer infinite solutions. And never-ending possibilities.

Your Brand: Unbounded

Being a brand management agency means we can handle all of your creative needs — seamlessly and limitlessly. Our one-roof approach allows us to maintain our (ridiculously) high quality standards while creating an efficient flow. We can take your project from a cocktail-napkin idea to a toast-of-the-town campaign without dropping a detail.

Welcome to Brand Central: Your all-inclusive brand management tool.

Like the real Grand Central Station, Brand Central connects you to all possible routes. Your Brand Central portal is tailored to your company and your specifications, so you’ll get perfectly brand-compliant results every time. With instant customization and built-in controls for access, spending and usage, Brand Central is the easiest and most efficient way to create and distribute physical and digital branded materials.

Here’s what you’ll get with your Brand Central Portal

  • Brand management: ​Control over brand elements and catalog access.
  • Fully integrated data: ​Real-time inventory with automated order processing and tracking.
  • Customization: ​Tools for unique content creation via templates, business rules and asset selection.
  • Connected systems:​ Single sign-on, Punchout, API integrations and XML transformations.
  • Digital distribution: ​HTML email, flipbooks, resizable ads and more.
  • Spending accounts: ​Set budgets, view spend summaries and reload rules.
  • Asset library: ​All file types, unique metadata, search, reporting, permissions and use within customizations.
  • Reporting: ​Analytics such as dashboard overviews, drill-down details and usage summaries.
  • Co-op and MDF​ (Market Development Funds): Program management for your distribution networks.

We haven’t even scratched the surface of how Brand Central can save you time, money — and headaches.

Let’s talk about how Brand Central can benefit you.

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Let’s connect. You have our digits.

We’re ready to jump in when you are, and also when you’re not. Brainstorming, kicking ideas around, spitballing, mulling things over — that’s our jam. We’re always here to chat about your thoughts and see where we can take your brand, together.